This is a gay-friendly, porn-free Christian archive site to which everyone is welcome - straight or gay, Christian, other believer or of no faith.

The Tony Cross Column started life on the Courage site in early 2002, but created its own site in August 2003, thus enabling speedier posting of articles.

This has now become the ARCHIVE SITE.

Curent articles are now published on


 These articles attempt to address issues that are of interest to all Gay Christians.  In order to keep the articles reasonably short, no subject is examined too deeply - each is more of a brief incursion from a gay standpoint. The articles are written from the male point of view and it is hoped the authorís experience of life both as a Christian and as a gay man will prove of help to the reader.

Start by clicking on Contents in the panel on the left. Each article which has been archived is listed and has a number which you click on to reach the full text.

Comments and views are very welcome - send your email to Courage ([email protected]) with    TONY CROSS    in the subject line. All emails will be responded to either by email or in subsequent articles. Printed copies of some of the articles may be obtained from Courage.

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